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  • Rubicon

    RUBICON or the Robotic Ubiquitous Cognitive Network is a Robotics project that aims at creating a self-learning robotic ecology. It focuses on creating an ecology that will be capable of teaching itself about the environment while improving strategies…

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  • ARE 13

    The 2nd International Workshop on Adaptive Robotic Ecologies (ARE’13) is scheduled December 3-5, 2013 in Dublin. Here organizers aim to discover solutions that would enable robotic ecologies to be self-learning, -configuring, and -adapting.

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  • AASS Mobile Robotics Lab.

    Formerly known as the AASS Mobile Robotics Lab, Orebro University's mobile robotics lab is now named the Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory (CRSL) at AASS. Its mission is to perform basic and applied research of cognitive robotic systems and to address…

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