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  • ACHIRES: Watch That Robot Run!

    Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa and his colleagues at the Ishiwaka Watanabe Laboratory of the University of Tokyo developed a bipedal walking robot that is one of the fastest robots ever made: ACHIRES

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  • Fast and robust two-legged robots

    The Delft bio-robotics laboratory began developing a bipedal walking robot in 1995. This Dutch Robotics projects has resulted in the development of 12 bipedal robots, with research that can be used to improve physical rehabilitation. The latest robot…

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  • Monopod

    MIT developed a single-legged robot with articulated legs called Monopod. Its articulated legs offer better performance than telescoping legs and can execute leaf spring.

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  • Phides

    Developed at the Delft University of Technology, Phides is a 2D running robot with actuated knees and hips that are connected to a boom construction. Phides has achieved a successful flight phase, which is a phase in a running stride wherein the feet…

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  • RunBot

    Tao Geng from University of Glasgow developed a bipedal robot called RunBot which has the record for highest speed. It has simple structure and advanced sensory algorithms.

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