About robots, robot development
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  • U. of Southern California (USC)

    USC is one of the leading robotics universities in the U.S. The USC Robotics Research Laboratory works on projects in service and humanoid robots, among others, for everything from Homeland Security to environmental cleanup. The goal of the lab is to…

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  • Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems

    The CRES is USC’s robotic systems research unit. The center’s research engages over 60 physical robots, with research on mobile, humanoid, molecular, and re-configurable robots. Some of their notable projects include Sony robot dogs, the Beobots Chimp…

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  • Greenman

    Greenman is a Remote Presence Demonstration System developed by SSC San Diego. Its vision system has a 525-line vision camera for each eye. This anthropomorphic manipulator was added to the TOPS Project for implementation of hand dexterity and force…

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  • Sarcoman

    Sarcoman is an entertainment robot capable of juggling balls and balancing a pole among other feats. It can dynamically adjust its movements and is controlled by a human operator.

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