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  • STW

    STW aims at supporting technical sciences through scientific and technical research. A major goal of the foundation is to transfer knowledge between science and engineering users. STW is also investing in the medical field while participating in projects…

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  • ICTRegie

    ICTRegie was a temporary controlling agency for ICT research and innovation that was cancelled in 2011. ICTRegie worked on projects like IMDI together with its partners, including the NOW, the STW, and the Agentschap NL.

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  • Bielefeld U.

    CoR-Lab, part of Bielefeld University, was created to meet the challenges in the world of robotics. The lab plans to support the local medium-sized economy and strengthen the university in its main focus, “Intelligent Systems.” The anthropomorphic robot…

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  • ABB Unveils Collaborative Robot: YuMi

    ABB has unveiled the world’s first truly collaborative robot: YuMi®, an Innovative and human-friendly, dual-arm robot with breakthrough functionality that unlocks vast global additional automation potential in the robotics industry.

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  • Baps

    Developed at the Delft Biorobotics Lab, Baps is an affordable autonomous 3D Walking robot that is known for its simple, low-power design. Baps is based on the principle of ballistic walking, which involves walking with free, unpowered movements.

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  • Museon Walker

    Developed at the Delft University of Technology, Museon Walker is a completely passive walking robot that can stably walk down an incline. Museon Walker was built to demonstrate the principle of passive dynamic walking.

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  • YuMi

    YuMi, formerly named "Frida", is a dual-armed, small parts assembly robot designed to assist in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. It is being developed by ABB Robotics and is scheduled to hit the market on April 13, 2015 at Hannover Messe Germany.

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