About robots, robot development
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  • Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory (Ishikawa Oku Lab)

    Japan's Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory has been working on technology and robotics projects since it began in 1989. Along with developing High speed Intelligent Robots, the Lab works on projects such as Bidirectional Recognition between objects and environment…

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  • Schiebel Coorporation

    The Vienna-based Schiebel Corporation specializes in the development of composite technologies, landmine detection systems and aviation innovations that include robotics and sensor technology.

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    TNO serves as the Dutch organization for applied science research. TNO invests in many national and international projects in different technological fields. It also works on Project Rose together with several other Dutch tech companies and the Technological…

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  • Rose: Robotic sensor networks

    The Rose project is a Dutch Robotics project that wants to develop a team of robotic sensors that can automatically acquire data about the condition of the dike system in the Netherlands. By using robots, data can be acquired more easily and accurately,…

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  • Perfect Puppy

    Perfect Buddy Buddy is a robot toy dog developed by WowWee. This fun toy can bark and sniff with realistic sounds. Its advanced servomotors distinguish between different types of touching. Its hypersensitive microphone and ultra-clear speaker make for…

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