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  • ICSR 2015

    The 7th annual International Conference on Social Robotics will be held in Paris, France, from October 26-30, 2105.

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  • AISoy Robotics

    Aisoy Robotics designs emotional personal robots to make people’s life fun and easy. The company aims at creating robots that can sense, perceive, evolve emotionally, and have human-like, natural communication with the users.

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  • National U. of Singapore (NUS)

    One of Asia’s premiere universities, NUS prides itself on its intelligent robotics research. The university's robotics lab, the IDMI, developed an intelligent artificial agent that it hopes can eventually be integrated into our society. NUS has a partnership…

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  • AISoy

    Aisoy1 is a pet-robot that is considered as an emotional learning robot, which is aimed at making users’ lives funnier and easier. The pet robot can recognize the user, perceive its surrounding and understand what other people are doing.

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  • iCat

    Philips Electronics has created a research platform robot called iCat. The research focuses on social robotics, joint collaboration, gaming, joint attention and ambient intelligence.

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  • Jibo

    JIBO is a humanized, highly interactive robot that, will have a range of capabilities making it the perfect helper and companion around the house. It is being developed by a team led by Cynthia Breazeal, an MIT professor and pioneer in the field of social…

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  • Olivia

    Olivia is an interactive robot designed to study social robotics. It can imitate human movements and has speech capabilities to help it with intuitive learning and human interaction. Olivia is equipped with a Bumblebee 2 DVN1501 mono camera and a “brain”…

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  • Q.bo

    Developed by the Spanish company theCorpora, the Q.bo Pro Evo is a programmable mobile robot which is fully assembled and designed for people wishing to skip the assembling steps and choose the components.

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