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  • IC-Cultivator

    The Steketee IC is an automatic hoeing machine developed by Steketee Machine Factory from The Netherlands. It uses camera images to calculate the positions of cultivated crops, enabling it to hoe around them accurately and quickly. In order to provide…

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  • Center for Self-Organizing and Intelligent Systems

    Utah State University’s CSOIS works on the design and development of robotics. The Center has been developing robotic vehicles for TACOM. Another large project, automating two different tractors capable of spraying an orchard autonomously, was done for…

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  • Irmato Jentjens

    Irmato Jentjens was formed after Irmato Group bought Jentjens Machinetechniek. It develops solutions that reduce production costs and manual labor, and increase production, quality and safety.

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  • Shanghai Jiao Tong U.

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China is not only one of the country's oldest universities, it ranks 37th in Engineering education worldwide. To help students be competitive in robotics, the school opened a robotics lab in 1979. Here, in the Robotics…

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