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  • Delta Line SA

    Delta Line SA are a pan European (Italy,France, UK,Norway,Sweden,Finland,Germany), manufacturer and supplier of motion solutions sub 800w,. technologies include:Portescap- DC / BLDC Motors / Fulling-

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  • Lil'Bot Project

    Lil’bot project by Chris Hakim is a low-cost, open-source robotics project to develop a balancing robot that can be used to introduce children to robot programming. Lil'Bot is easy to program using a visually based programming language and can express…

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  • Centaurob I

    Centaurob I is a bipedal walking robot. It utilizes two Steward Platforms, resulting in precise, dynamic motions. Its universal joints and stepper motors help it to move efficiently.

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  • HERO-I

    HERO-1 has been around since the early 80’s. It is an excellent teaching tool and robot lab. This educational robot can detect light, sound and movement and maneuvers easily.

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