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  • Alstom Inspection Robotics

    Swiss company Alstom, along with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, develops autonomous inspection robots. The robots can work in environments dangerous for humans.

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  • Naro

    Nautical robot Naro was created by students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The robot, which resembles a tuna fish, has effective swimming-like movements that make minimal noise. It "swims" at 1-2 meters per second. The only moving…

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  • ETHZ Inst. of Robotics

    ETHZ’s Institute of Robotics has a long history of robotics achievements. The main lab is divided into many specialty labs, such as the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and Agile & Dexterous Robotics Lab (ADRL), each with its own robotics projects. The ADRL,…

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