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  • Autonomous System Lab (ASL)

    Founded in 1996, the Autonomous Systems Lab is associated with the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Zurich, Switzerland. The lab aims at helping the institute achieve its goal of creating robots and intelligent systems that are capable…

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  • Swarm-Intelligent Systems Research Group

    The SWIS Group is a leading robotics research group in Switzerland. They focus on reinforcing the flow of ideas about Swarm Intelligence and adding to the education of interdisciplinary engineers and computer scientists. One of their goals is to create…

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  • U. of Zurich

    The University of Zurich is in the top 50 best universities in the world. Switzerland’s largest university, it created a robotics lab, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, to cultivate intelligence in all its aspects by endorsing excellence in basic…

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  • Kompott

    Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland developed the Kompott, a prototype robotic machine. Made for the elderly who have weakened senses, it helps them to stay connected to friends and family by displaying virtual content such as emails with its…

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  • Eurobot

    Eurobot is an international event open to international amateur robotic enthusiasts. It aims to organize robotic enthusiasts to showcase their own autonomous robots and compete with each other. The finals of Eurobot will be held from June 6 to 8 in Dresden,…

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  • Techfest 2014

    Techfest 2014 is Asia’s largest science and technology festival organized by students of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (IIT Bombay). These Techfest festivals have been held yearly for the last 16 years and aim to provide a platform for…

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  • Alstom Inspection Robotics

    Swiss company Alstom, along with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, develops autonomous inspection robots. The robots can work in environments dangerous for humans.

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  • Bluebotics

    BlueBotics is a Swiss company which specializes in autonomous navigation. They have developed Autonomous Navigation Technology which enables autonomous vehicle movement.

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  • ETHZ Inst. of Robotics

    ETHZ’s Institute of Robotics has a long history of robotics achievements. The main lab is divided into many specialty labs, such as the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and Agile & Dexterous Robotics Lab (ADRL), each with its own robotics projects. The ADRL,…

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  • ESA

    The European Space Agency (ESA) is an intergovernmental agency composed of 20 European countries dedicated to the exploration of space. ESA projects include human spaceflight, unmanned exploration missions to the moon and other planets, designing launch…

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  • U. of Neuchâtel (UniNE)

    Recognised internationally, the University of Neuchatel is located halfway between Zürich and Geneva. The university aims to offer high educational standards in an interactive and comfortable environment.

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  • RoboEarth

    RoboEarth is a project involving European universities and companies like TU Eindhoven and Phillips. The goal is to pave the way for rapid advances in machine cognition and behavior, by developing a world wide web for robots so they can share and learn…

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  • Zero Robotics

    Zero Robotics is a project that organizes an annual robotics programming competition held live aboard the International Space Station. To win, competitors program a SPHERES robot to navigate a microgravity environment while avoiding obstacles, as well…

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  • Spybot

    The Swiss company Macroswiss developed a spy robot called Spybot. It can traverse any terrain, carry heavy weights, and can detect, recognize and identify people and bombs.

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