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  • Sydney Robotics Summit 2018

    Sydney Robotics Summit (SRS) 2018 will be held at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) on Saturday 23 June 2018. This year's program will include specialty sessions from urology, colorectal + upper GI, cardiothoracic and nursing as well as the new additions…

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  • ACRA 2017

    The Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA) 2017 is held on 11-13 December 2017 at the University of Technology Sydney

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  • Australian Centre for Field Robotics

    The ACFR in the University of Sydney is one of the world’s largest robotic research institutes. It is actively involved in R&D for field robotics principles and systems. It is home to several groups and labs involved in robotics, such as the Center for…

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  • Unmanned Aircraft Research

    The Unmanned Aircraft Research at Sydney University brings academics and students together to conduct research in such fields as Decentralized Navigation and Control of Autonomous Flight Vehicles. It is the country’s largest and most active group of robotic…

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  • Robotic Systems Lab.

    ANU’s Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) performs research on mobile robot navigation and human-robot/computer interaction as well as other fields. The lab has worked on many projects together with other university labs. For its Autonomous Submersible Robot project,…

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