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  • Gifu National College of Tech.

    Japan's Gifu National College of Technology is a premier institution for technology and engineering. Robotics are an important part of the technology program. Along with the SPICA and ZiN robots, the college has collaborated with some researchers from…

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  • Senshu U.

    Senshu University in Japan is one of the country’s most highly-developed academic institutions. The robotics lab in their Mechanical Engineering Department teaches students dynamics of machines and Mechatronics and Intelligent robotics among other subjects.…

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  • Swarm-Intelligent Systems Research Group

    The SWIS Group is a leading robotics research group in Switzerland. They focus on reinforcing the flow of ideas about Swarm Intelligence and adding to the education of interdisciplinary engineers and computer scientists. One of their goals is to create…

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  • Cleanmate QQ2

    Infinuvo has developed a new vacuum robot, the Cleanmate QQ2. It has a self-recharging capability so it can easily vacuum a floor without disturbing the owners. Users can choose between a remote control system and a fully-automated mode, which helps…

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  • Delfi-n3Xt

    Launched in November 2013, Delfi-n3Xt is a small satellite that aims at facilitating practical education, nanosatellite innovation as well as technology demonstration. The main objective of Delfi-n3Xt is to support and strengthen the goals of the Delfi…

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  • HomeRun

    The HomeRun is a vacuum cleaner robot developed by Philips. the vacuum guarantees a clean, super-shiny floor with two auxiliary brushes, one principal roller brush, and a dust suction. The HomeRun can also be customized, allowing a 24 hour delayed start…

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  • Verro

    Verro 100 is an automated pool cleaning robot developed by iRobot. It is easy-to-use and even cleans cracks and pores in a pool. Verro 100's cleaning method allows it to clean from pool floor to waterline for 60 to 90 minutes. It circulates the water…

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