About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Cartif Spain

    With a staff of 200 researchers, Cartif is a Spanish research center that has an aim to meet the needs of its customers through technological innovation. The mission of the company is to differentiate and have an optimistic look at the future.

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  • DVC machinevision

    DVC Machinevision is a distributor for vision components made by OEMs. The company sells machine vision software, industrial cameras, lenses and lighting, and is active in four markets.

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  • Inroads

    Inroads is specialized in developing, organizing and realizing technological innovation projects. It provides its services mainly for automotive, mobility and high tech industries.

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  • RoboEarth

    RoboEarth is a project involving European universities and companies like TU Eindhoven and Phillips. The goal is to pave the way for rapid advances in machine cognition and behavior, by developing a world wide web for robots so they can share and learn…

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  • RQ

    The RQ-TITAN is the world’s first real-size humanoid robot. It has a USB camera and can be controlled thorough a Windows-based PC, smartphone, or Xbox 360 console.

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  • Sico

    Robert Doornick of the International Robotics Inc. developed a wheeled robot called SICO. It speaks seven languages, performs stand-up comedy and is remotely controlled.

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