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  • ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab.

    The ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory aims at performing engineering developments, fundamental research, and project work in human-robot interfaces, telerobotics, and haptics together with academic institutions as well as industry.

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  • ISA System Engineering and Automation Department

    The ISA System Engineering and Automation Department is home to many achievements in the field of robotics, including a wheelchair robot and a mobile robot that can deliver objects. The lab engages in a wide range of areas in robotic research, including…

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  • Yamagata U.

    Yamagata University in Japan is a distinguished institution that has won many awards. The university has a robotics lab, the Telerobotics Laboratory, which is seeking to add to the school’s honors. A researcher there has developed a wearable telepresence…

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  • MH-2

    Japan's Yamagata University developed the MH-2; a wearable communication robot. It has a 360 degree 3D display and a motion capture environment, allowing a remote viewer to see what you see. The developers are looking for ways to reduce the bulk needed…

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