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    Students at the Mahanakorn University of Technology in Thailand made the CIM MUT robot in 2009. This bipedal walking robot has object recognition and is equipped with cameras and sensors. It competed in the Thailand Humanoid Robot Soccer Championship…

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  • Bangkok U.

    The BURL at Bangkok University, Thailand's largest university, is the country’s leading developer of robotic waiters. Created to address the need for state-of-the-art machines and robots, the BURL created the MK service Robot, called the Din Sow robot,…

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  • Chulalongkorn U.

    Founded in 1917, the Chulalongkorn University is considered as the oldest university in Thailand. It has experienced significant development in the field of technology and robotics. The Control Automation and Robotics Lab of the university is engaged…

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  • King Mongkut 's U. of Tech. Thonburi (KMUTT)

    Established in 1960, The King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is Thailand’s leading technology academy that focuses not only on the teaching and research in engineering and technology but in serving the industry as well.

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  • Mahanakorn U. of Tech.

    The Mahanakorn University of Technology is a private university in Thailand that was founded to train engineering students in the country as a response to the severe shortage of engineers. Projects developed at the university include the Self Balancing…

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  • BSRU-I

    Team BSRU in Thailand launched a robot called BSRU-I. It has competed in a lot of competitions, including the Robo Cup Humanoid League in 2010 and the Robot Humanoid Soccer Championship in 2011. It earned the special talent reward in robotics for its…

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  • Din Sow

    Thailand-based CTAsia Robotics developed a waiter robot called Din Sow. It can greet and bid goodbyes to customers, and can increase the market and sales of waiter robots.

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  • AREX 2016

    The Asian Robotics Exhibition will focus on collaborative robots, professional service robots and consumer robots and will be held on 23-24 November 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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  • Robocon

    Robocon India is the latest in a series of international robotics competitions sponsored and organized by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). The goal of the contest is to inspire innovation and improve young engineers’ creative thinking skills.…

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    BART LAB, Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology is a collaborative engineering/medical research center for computer integrated surgical technology and medical robotics. It wants to improve the partnership between machines and humans to help them…

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  • Snail Aid

    Snail-Aid is a non-profit enterprise that works for social problems. It directs individual creativity and local resources toward new technologies. By improving and formalizing technical knowledge and training, Snail-Aid aims at fostering innovation for…

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  • Thai Rescue Robots To Brazil

    BART LAB Rescue, the robotics team from The Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology, is now looking forward to attend the RoboCup 2014 Competition. To facilitate the transport costs they initiated a Fundraising Campaign

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  • ChibiDragon

    Chulalongkorn University created a robot they named ChibiDragon. It contains advanced hardware including a RCB3 servo controller and 20 servos. This robot participated in the 2010 RoboCup. ChibiDragon is bipedal and can walk to a ball and shoot it, along…

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  • MK Robot

    A Thai robot waiter, MK Robot takes orders and serves food. It has a face to provide service with a smile, and it remembers customer preferences to reduce service errors.

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  • NAMO

    Humanoid robot Namo was created to serve as a friendly guide in public places such as universities. It can speak fluent Thai. Namo can track objects and gestures, which is helpful when it is conversing with a visitor. It is also programmed to perform…

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