About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Robotics & Process Control

    The University of Kaiserslautern’s Robotics and Process Research Group worked on the development and creation of autonomous mobile robots. The Group disbanded in 2001, but played a significant role in a number of robotics projects before it ceased to…

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  • Robotics Research Lab.

    At the RRL at the University of Kaiserslautern, the lab focuses on the realization of complex autonomous robotic systems. Current projects include a robotic head to help the lab study the interaction between human and machine. Notable past projects include…

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  • U. of Kaiserslautern

    With approximately 14,200 students, the University of Kaiserslautern is the only engineering and technical university in Rhineland-Palatinate. Founded in 1970, the university offers excellent learning atmosphere and engaging student life.

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