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  • CoCoNatch

    Tokyo University and Waseda University developed a stress-reliever robot called CoCoNatch. It gives alerts for new twitter feeds by vibrating and emitting LED colors.

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  • IRT Humanoid

    Tokyo University developed a humanoid called Information and Robot Technology to help the aeging society. This bipedal humanoid is covered in soft latex foam and paper.

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  • Saya

    Tokyo University of Science developed a teacher robot called Saya. It can express emotions like humans, talk in several languages, give tasks to students and do roll calls.

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  • CHUO U.

    Chou University in Japan is home to the Osumi Laboratory robotics lab, which develops advanced robot systems. Students learn how to exploit redundancy included in robotic systems and achieve cooperative handling based on position controllers. Their research…

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  • Gifu U.

    Established in 1949, the Gifu University has 6 faculties and 8 Graduate Schools. The university is equipped with many research facilities, centers and laboratories that can readily provide students with solid experience and sophisticated technological…

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  • Toyama Lab.

    Toyama Laboratory in Japan researches such projects as ultrasonic motors. Besides being a part of the 2009 International Robot Exhibition, the lab is working on such advanced robotics projects as a power assist suit, which utilizes their ultrasonic motor…

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  • Tsukuba U.

    The University of Tsukuba in Japan is one of the country’s oldest universities. Its robotics research center, UTARC, has been instrumental in leading the university in its quest for advanced robotic research. The center aims to create an interdisciplinary…

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  • U. of Tokyo

    Japan’s most prestigious university, the University of Tokyo, has the highest ranking in Asia. The school’s JSK Laboratory does extensive robotics work in a wide range of fields. Recently, the lab unveiled its HRP3L-JSK robot; a bipedal robot that can…

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  • Assistant Robot (AR)

    For those who want housework help, Assistant Robot is ready for action. This highly flexible robot can even evaluate tasks to determine if it was successful.

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  • Athlete Robot

    Athlete Robot has flexible legs that allow it to run and jump. Compressed air and elastic prosthetic blades make this robot capable of human-like movement.

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  • Macra

    JSK Lab developed a humanoid robot called Macra. This humanoid has pressure and temperature-sensitive skin, and bothType-I and Type-II Motor Unit Smart Actuator Modules. Capable of stepping and crawling, Macra is equipped with multi dimensional sensors.

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