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  • DigInfo TV

    DigInfo TV is a Tokyo-based online video news site that is dedicated to the coverage of original cutting edge technology, research and products from Japan. DigInfo TV is the news production arm of Digitized Information, a translation and video production…

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  • National Chiao Tung U.

    The College of Engineering at National Chiao Tung University conducts advanced robotics research in a wide variety of fields. The College made a name for itself and the University by creating a robot that won second place in an MIT competition. They also…

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  • Toyama Lab.

    Toyama Laboratory in Japan researches such projects as ultrasonic motors. Besides being a part of the 2009 International Robot Exhibition, the lab is working on such advanced robotics projects as a power assist suit, which utilizes their ultrasonic motor…

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  • U. of Genova

    Being one of the most prestigious universities in Italy, the University of Genoa was founded in 1481. The university prides itself in providing the best technologies and research facilities in the country.

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  • Ninomiya-kun

    Waseda University developed Ninomiya-kun as a way of fighting illiteracy among other robots. This robot can read books out loud and recognizes nearly 2,300 Japanese characters. It has a built-in camera, and character recognition software allows it to…

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  • Xianxingzhe

    Chinese National University of Defense Technology developed Xianxingzhe after getting inspired by the Japanese and the Americans. This bipedal humanoid robot can stand up and walk. Although criticized by many Japanese robot-makers, Xianxingzhe became…

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