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    Three Chinese companies developed the UNISROBO robot. It debuted at the 2011 Chinese High-Tech Expo. Envisioned as a way to teach children English and good manners, UNISROBO has touch sensors and a touchscreen. Ten artificial intelligence modules give…

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  • Eurobot

    Eurobot is an international event open to international amateur robotic enthusiasts. It aims to organize robotic enthusiasts to showcase their own autonomous robots and compete with each other. The finals of Eurobot will be held from June 6 to 8 in Dresden,…

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  • DVC machinevision

    DVC Machinevision is a distributor for vision components made by OEMs. The company sells machine vision software, industrial cameras, lenses and lighting, and is active in four markets.

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  • MARS

    MARS is one of the leading UAV and UGV academic research facilities in the U.S. Its mission is to explore, research and bridge circuits, architecture, compiler, and software methods. They also focus on the multi-level learning in hybrid deliberative…

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  • National Chiao Tung U.

    The College of Engineering at National Chiao Tung University conducts advanced robotics research in a wide variety of fields. The College made a name for itself and the University by creating a robot that won second place in an MIT competition. They also…

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  • Tsinghua U.

    Tsinghua University offers various research facilities which focus on robot technology. Among their projects is the walking robot, developed by the university’s Robot Walking Group, which is a contender of the prestigious RoboCup competition.

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  • Accompany

    ACCOMPANY is a robotics project set to develop the Care-O-bot 3 into a caring and emotionally stimulating social robot for the elderly.

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  • AIBO

    Sony's AIBO ERS-311 is another cute robot dog. It is less expensive than previous models but has fewer features. AIBO ERS-311 still has good points, however, including more sensors. The Japanese version comes with a remote, but it only works for the Bluetooth-enabled…

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  • Leo

    Leo is a 2D walking robot that is built by the Delft University of Technology for machine learning tests for humanoid robots. The boom construction of this 2D robot enables it to walk in circles and provides power to make sure the learning experiments…

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