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  • ABU Robocon 2016

    The game of ABU Robocon 2016 is designed in order to create the awareness of efficient energy consumption and clean and renewable energy utilization.

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  • Gostai

    Founded by Jean-Christophe Baillie, Gostai is a manufacturer of robots and an editor of innovative software for robotics and artificial intelligence. It aims at fostering the development of the "Smart Machines" industry.

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  • Moog

    Moog is a company that is supplying motion control technology to improve performance in a wide variety of applications and markets, including commercial aircraft cockpits, the Formula One racing, medical infusion systems and power-generation turbines.

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  • Purdue Robot Vision Lab.

    Purdue’s RVL students carry out advanced research in sensory intelligence for the robots of tomorrow. The lab has made revolutionary contributions in 3D object recognition and vision- guided navigation for indoor mobile androids, among other areas. One…

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  • Cleanmate QQ2

    Infinuvo has developed a new vacuum robot, the Cleanmate QQ2. It has a self-recharging capability so it can easily vacuum a floor without disturbing the owners. Users can choose between a remote control system and a fully-automated mode, which helps…

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