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  • URIA

    South Korean company Robotis developed a service humanoid called URIA. It provides information to its users, lets them perform video conferencing, and navigates on uneven terrain.

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  • Ambition Institute of Technology

    Ambition Institute of Technology is committed to excel in imparting world class education to its students with a clear focus on developing in our students “Employability Skills” and &

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  • Blue Ocean Robotics

    Blue Ocean Robotics is a company with the mission to bridge the academic-based Research & Development world and the business and market world by focussing on commercialising robotics Research & Development.

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  • Stanford U.

    Stanford University in California has evolved into one of the United States’ most prominent research universities in the field of computer science. One of the recipients of the original four ARPANET nodes, Stanford’s School of Engineering has developed…

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  • The Rise Of The Chief Robotics Officer

    The answer to robotics in the corporate sphere, as well as the ultimate target for robotic industry vendors will make its debut at the third edition of RoboBusiness Europe, taking place in Milan (Italy) on April 27-30, 2015

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