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  • Intelligent Robotics Lab. (IRL)

    The IRL at Vanderbilt University works to advance state-of-the-art intelligent systems. Through their research on autonomous robots and mobile robotics, they have created such robots as scooter robot ATRV-Jr. Other areas of focus include biologically-inspired,…

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    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is a United States government agency that aims at developing technologies for national security. By making significant contributions and investments, DARPA devises new strategies to overcome future…

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  • ISA System Engineering and Automation Department

    The ISA System Engineering and Automation Department is home to many achievements in the field of robotics, including a wheelchair robot and a mobile robot that can deliver objects. The lab engages in a wide range of areas in robotic research, including…

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  • Unmanned Aircraft Research

    The Unmanned Aircraft Research at Sydney University brings academics and students together to conduct research in such fields as Decentralized Navigation and Control of Autonomous Flight Vehicles. It is the country’s largest and most active group of robotic…

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    The Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (ARCAS) is a EU funded robotics project that develops autonomous flying robots to perform tasks too dangerous or otherwise difficult for human workers. It will be the first cooperative autonomously flying…

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  • FireSwarm

    FireSwarm- a Dutch research project- strives to develop a swarm of affordable, autonomous and small unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to monitor and detect fire in large natural areas, specifically at the Noor-Holland dune areas.

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