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  • Controllab Products

    Controllab Products specializes in control engineering. It caters to Mechatronics, Drives & Automation and Maritime & Offshore, and has developed Hardware in the Loop testing for maritime and offshore market.

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  • Enexis

    Enexis is a Dutch electricity and gas provider. With other companies and institutions, it is involved in the project Pirate to develop small autonomous robots to fix leaks in pipelines.

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  • Idaho Ntl. Lab. Adaptive Robotics Program

    Groundbreaking robotics research is a regular part of work at the INL. The lab has an ongoing project of developing robots that have the ability to initiate sharing between human and robot, allowing the system to cope with changes in resources. The lab…

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  • Irmato Jentjens

    Irmato Jentjens was formed after Irmato Group bought Jentjens Machinetechniek. It develops solutions that reduce production costs and manual labor, and increase production, quality and safety.

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  • Lola Institute

    Main fields are machine tools, robotics, control systems, equipment for pilot training and flight simulation, equipment for recycling of the communal waste and small hydro power plants. 

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  • Cycler

    Cycler (renamed Recycler) is a lovable humanoid robot developed for environmental education. It speaks, plays MP3s, and follows spoken commands using 5 microcontrollers.

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  • Dr. R.E. Cycler

    In 2011, Florida Robotics launched an eco-friendly robot, Dr. R.E. Cycler in 2011. This robot gets its energy from its own solar panel. It teaches children the rules of waste management. The robot also crushes aluminum cans of soda and other beverages,…

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  • DustBot

    Homes stay garbage-free and streets are clean and swept with the humanoid robot DustBot. Supposedly the world’s first of its kind, it collects trash on request, using GPS to navigate.

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  • Readybot

    Readybot Robot Challenge developed a maid robot called Readybot. It can clean kitchen, dump waste and load dishwashers. It does most of our household jobs at a faster rate.

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