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  • Robotics & Process Control

    The University of Kaiserslautern’s Robotics and Process Research Group worked on the development and creation of autonomous mobile robots. The Group disbanded in 2001, but played a significant role in a number of robotics projects before it ceased to…

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  • Robotics Research Lab.

    At the RRL at the University of Kaiserslautern, the lab focuses on the realization of complex autonomous robotic systems. Current projects include a robotic head to help the lab study the interaction between human and machine. Notable past projects include…

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  • U. of Michigan

    Being Michigan’s oldest university, the University of Michigan is one of the public research universities in America that has a very high research activity. As part of robotics research they host facilities like the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PeRL)…

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  • Robots that learn to move naturally

    The Dutch Technical University of Delft, is working on developing a robotic arm that is a safer choice than traditional factory arms. It will mimic a human arm as closely as possible and have smart elements to optimize its performance.

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  • SILO

    SILO6 is a six-legged robot that can search for and detect land mines. It was created to be a research platform for robotic research and improving the speed of walking robots. The mine locator subsystem is composed of a magnetic compass and GPS and Wi-Fi…

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  • Simplest Walker

    Simplest Passive Dynamic Walker is a 2D robot that is equipped with straight legs along without knees or feet. It is capable of walking on a tiled slope without using any motors. The dynamics of passive dynamic walkers are extremely simple.

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  • Stappo

    Designed and built at the Delft Biped Laboratory, Stappo was developed as their first walking robot. Armed with two legs, Stappo functions on two magnets. The robot is capable of walking on flat as well as horizontal surfaces.

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  • Wabian

    The WABIAN R-III was developed by Waseda University. It is a prototype humanoid robot. The WABIAN R-III can walk in multiple directions, dance, and show emotions. It is a more refined version of the WABIAN-2 robot, with 43 degrees of freedom and a balance…

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