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  • Cafero

    The wheeled barista robot Cafero was developed by Yujin Robot. It debuted in 2008 at Robot World, fulfilling orders through its touch screen with some human assistance.

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  • Transbot

    Yujin Robots developed a transforming humanoid robot called Transbot. It can transform into a car within 12 seconds and race with other Transbots. It can also fight with other robots using weapons. In car form, Transbot can travel up to 40cm per second.

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    Robosem helps students learn the English language. This educational robot teleconferences with a human instructor to students lectures, and also has pre-loaded lessons.

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  • TurtleBot

    TurtleBot is an affordable, personal robot kit that allows users to build robots that can see in 3D, bring food, take panoramas, drive around their house and have sufficient horsepower to produce exciting applications.

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