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  • Cinema Companion

    A robot called CIROMI is a new development from Ed Corporation. Users can use the robot's touchscreen capability to take photos, display photos, send photos through email, and play games. Not only does this service robot sell tickets and entertain, it…

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  • Dual Display Kiosk

    Fujistu PFU developed a robotic prototype called Dual Display Kiosk. It has gender and age detection software using which it detects the gender and age, and displays personalized advertisement.

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  • Mary

    Together with Beijing Smart Technology, Peking University created Mary: a female service robot. This robot has infrared sensors and can detect nearby people, greet them, and shake hands. Mary can index more than 100 people in its camera, play games,…

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  • An9

    Advertising robot An9-PR was developed by ALSOK and sells for $150,000. Besides having an electric board and 19-inch advertising monitors, it can patrol buildings and send coupons to mobile phones. This cute, friendly robot also has facial recognition…

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    ED Corporation developed a robot called CIROMI which can be used in cinemas and theaters. It has features like internet connectivity, touch screen games and imaging applications.

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