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  • Bielefeld U.

    CoR-Lab, part of Bielefeld University, was created to meet the challenges in the world of robotics. The lab plans to support the local medium-sized economy and strengthen the university in its main focus, “Intelligent Systems.” The anthropomorphic robot…

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  • Robotics Inst. Robot Learning Lab.

    CMU’s Robot Education Lab has tackled a wide range of robotics fields, including intelligent manufacturing, nano-robots and anthropomorphic robots. Recently the lab developed the snakebot: a robot capable of moving like a snake. The founders of the Robotics…

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  • Waseda U.

    Waseda University in Japan is one of the most prestigious universities in Asia. The school’s robotics research dates back to 1970, when Professor Ichiro Kato began researching anthropomorphic robots and started the WABOT Project. In 2000, the university…

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    Designed by Boston Dynamics, PETMAN is a modern robot that specializes in testing chemical protection clothing. The anthropomorphic robot is particularly known for its natural agile movements that help the robot simulate how protective clothing is stressed…

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  • Wabot

    Ichiro Kato developed an anthropomorphic robot called WABOT 1. It has limb control system and vision system. It can communicate, measure distance and direction, and transport objects.

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  • WF

    WF-4 is Waseda University's improved version of flutist robot WF-3RIX. Among the changes made to this anthropomorphic robot are better sound quality from the flute. The vibrato mechanism was moved to the back of the neck, giving it a more human appearance.…

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  • Boston Dynamics

    Being the leading provider of human simulation tools, solutions and software, Boston Dynamics is an engineering company founded in 1992. It aims at building dynamic software and robots for human simulation.

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  • Vision & Robotics Research

    The Vision and Robotics Research at the University of Rochester was a recipient of NASA’s prestigious “Cool Robot of the Week” award. The lab focuses on techniques that require little or no calibration, making them suitable to use in natural everyday…

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  • Arne

    St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and New Era developed Arne in 2003. It can walk independently, avoid obstacles and respond to voices by synthesizing its own voice.

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  • Arnea

    New Era and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University developed Arnea which can walk straight, avoid obstacles, remember and distinguish objects, and respond to voice commands.

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  • ARoS

    AroS, an anthropomorphic helper robot, excels at interacting with people. Using Hebbian principles, it reads gestures to understand intentions and corrects human errors.

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  • DARwIn-OP

    RoMeLa team at Virginia Tech developed a small humanoid called DARwIn-OP. Built on open source platform, it allows users to modify either hardware or software, or both.

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