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    JPL, NASA’s lab for developing projects for space exploration, is a pioneer in robotics equipment suited for outer space. Along with the first U.S. satellite ever launched, the Explorer 1, JPL sent the first robotic craft to the moon and to the solar…

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  • Hydrobot

    Hydrobot, a surveillance robot, is buit by Macroswiss for spying purposes. It is remote-controlled and comes in the form of a seagull or duck for different aquatic environments.

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  • Onyx

    Atair Aerospace developed a two-parachute system called ONYX. It contains pre-programmed altitude and position, and uses GPS and INS to autonomously guide airdropped supplies.

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  • Sand Flea

    Developed by Boston Robotics, the Sand Flea robot can drive in flat terrain just like an RC car. With a weight of around 11 pounds, Sand Flea has the ability to jump over compound walls, onto a roof, up a stair set or into a high window.

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