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  • Artificial Muscle Research Inst.

    The AMRI of the University of Mexico is home to a remarkable research lab that focuses on artificial muscles and ionic polymer gels. Lab Director Mohsen Shainpoor co-created patented soft actuators and artificial muscles. He also created an artificial…

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  • LARA

    Oskar Von Stryk developed a humanoid named LARA. It has artificial muscles, and can recognize language and respond to it. It also converts an idea in a sentence into Meta-grammar.

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  • LUCY

    LUCY was created as a result of extensive research into analysis of rigid and flexible mechanical systems, kinematical and dynamical simulations, and the development of new actuators. This robot's joints are powered by an antagonistic pair of pleated…

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  • Baps

    Developed at the Delft Biorobotics Lab, Baps is an affordable autonomous 3D Walking robot that is known for its simple, low-power design. Baps is based on the principle of ballistic walking, which involves walking with free, unpowered movements.

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    A U. of Tokyo grad student built PIGORASS, a 13-foot robot quadruped with a simulated neural system, ABS resin/carbon fiber body, and both pneumatic and passive muscles.

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