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  • Chukyo U.

    Chukyo University in Japan is home to numerous programs in fields such as law and sports science. It is also home to one of Japan’s prominent robotics labs, the Kanoh Laboratory. The lab is famous for the Babyloid robot, which makes realistic baby sounds…

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  • CB²

    JST ERATO Asada Project developed a child robot called CB2. The purpose is to study cognitive development, social maturity, behavior, attitude and other personal stuff.

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  • Affetto

    Osaka University has developed an advanced human baby robot, named Affetto. This robot has realistic expressions and will help with studies about human cognitive development. It is a part of the JST ERATO Asada Project. Affetto can also help caregivers…

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  • M3

    The M3 Neony is a small robot designed to research a baby's fine motor skills. This robot, developed by Osaka University, can crawl and walk like a real baby. It has gyro and accelerometer sensors, video cameras and microphones. M3 Neony can detect when…

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