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  • Frencken

    Frencken is a global technology firm that supplies high tech equipment for the value chain to a variety of industries such as medical, industrial, automotive and the electronic sector.

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  • Inroads

    Inroads is specialized in developing, organizing and realizing technological innovation projects. It provides its services mainly for automotive, mobility and high tech industries.

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  • Precitec Germany

    Precitec is a German company that specializes in laser material processing and optical measurement technology. In addition to providing products for the automotive and supplier industry, Precitec is involved in a European robotics project that aims at…

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  • Wingz

    Being part of the Veds Group, Wingz designs, develops and realizes electronic solutions for their clients, ranging from prototypes to a series of products. The Veds Group works in a number of markets, including the automotive, healthcare and defense industry.

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  • IREX 2015

    The 21st International Robot Exhibition, also known as iRex, will be held in Ariake, Japan, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from December 2-5, 2015.

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  • RoboBusiness Europe

    RoboBusiness Europe 2014 provides a platform to meet and share ideas on how to close the gap between robotics development and the actual needs of the end-users and learn about how to market robotics.

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  • Assembleon

    The Netherlands-based company, Assembleon, is a pioneer and first SMT assembly machine manufacturer with more than three decades of experience. They are true performance leaders since their equipment has a uniquely controlled manner to place electrical…

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  • Center for Robotics and Manufacturing Systems

    The CRMS’ mission is to provide leading manufacturing research, engineering services, and skilled graduates that will help businesses be successful and competitive. Each year they offer services to more than 350 companies, businessmen, and agencies every…

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  • CSi Industries

    CSi is a Dutch company specializing in integrated handling systems, from advice to production and installation. It is known for its robotic palletizing systems and packaging systems.

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  • Enexis

    Enexis is a Dutch electricity and gas provider. With other companies and institutions, it is involved in the project Pirate to develop small autonomous robots to fix leaks in pipelines.

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  • SAC Nederland / Vision-CC

    SAC Netherlands develops products for many industries, including automobiles and food. They also developed and use VisionTechnology, which means guiding production flows with a set of cameras in different types of scale. SAC finds and develops the robotics…

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  • Stanford U.

    Stanford University in California has evolved into one of the United States’ most prominent research universities in the field of computer science. One of the recipients of the original four ARPANET nodes, Stanford’s School of Engineering has developed…

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  • Tegema

    Tegema is a company that innovates, realises and develops products, systems and processes, from ideas to prototypes, functional models or pre-production series. Moreover, the company can also look after assembly, production, test equipment, tooling and…

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  • Robonaut

    Robonaut 2 was designed to study features needed in a space-faring robot – so well-designed that it was declared ready for actual space service after just a few upgrades.

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