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  • Eurobot

    Eurobot is an international event open to international amateur robotic enthusiasts. It aims to organize robotic enthusiasts to showcase their own autonomous robots and compete with each other. The finals of Eurobot will be held from June 6 to 8 in Dresden,…

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  • Datavision

    Having offices in the Netherlands as well as Belgium, Datavision is a well-known European distributor of vision components.

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  • ESA

    The European Space Agency (ESA) is an intergovernmental agency composed of 20 European countries dedicated to the exploration of space. ESA projects include human spaceflight, unmanned exploration missions to the moon and other planets, designing launch…

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  • Maastricht University

    Situated close to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, the Maastricht University (UM) is an internationally-oriented university with its main focus on innovation. The university aims at providing a stimulating environment where talent can flourish.

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  • Sioux

    Being an innovative technology partner in the field of remote solutions, technical software, electronics supply and development and industrial mathematics, Sioux aims at supporting leading companies in the production and development of their products.

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  • Space Applications Services

    Space Applications Services is a Belgium-based space technology corporation that aims at providing the best System & Operations engineering as well as software engineering knowledge to the aerospace market.

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  • Zero Robotics

    Zero Robotics is a project that organizes an annual robotics programming competition held live aboard the International Space Station. To win, competitors program a SPHERES robot to navigate a microgravity environment while avoiding obstacles, as well…

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  • Tux Droid

    Kyosh Robotics created Tux Droid, a wireless tux robot with a programmable interface. This mascot combines entertainment and programming by allowing users to hack its firmware and write programs for it. It converts text to speech and is available in 11…

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