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  • Robird

    Robirds are realistic robotic birds that will be an environmentally friendly solution for all bird-related problems. Designed as birds of prey using real flapping wings as a means of flying, the combination of silhouette and wing movement triggers the…

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  • Clear Flight Solutions

    Clear Flight Solutions is a Dutch robotics company that develops robotic birds called "Robirds". These Robirds are developed using the flight and appearance characteristics of birds of prey. Their realistically moving wings as a means of flying, combined…

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  • Active Structures Lab.

    The Active Structures Laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles specializes in such areas as walking machines and micro and mini robots. Some of their projects are being used in robotics facilities and space explorations. Projects the laboratory…

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  • InBirdie

    Digital Media for Brain and Health developed a golf playing humanoid called InBirdie. It can play a round of virtual golf, and can express emoticon-like facial expressions.

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  • IoT Asia 2017

    As the first dedicated platform in Asia to address the enormous potential of the IoT revolution, the first edition of IoT Asia in 2014 was ahead of its competition. It was seen as a transformational

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  • RoboBusiness Europe

    RoboBusiness Europe 2014 provides a platform to meet and share ideas on how to close the gap between robotics development and the actual needs of the end-users and learn about how to market robotics.

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  • TUSExpo 2015

    TUSExpo 2015 provides opportunities for new international cooperation in the Unmanned Systems industry taking place at the World Forum in The Hague, The Netherlands from feb 4 - 6, 2015.

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  • Driving Partner Robot

    Pioneer developed a penguin shaped robot called Driving Partner Robot. It sits on the dashboard, and chirps and blinks when there is any deviation from appropriate driving.

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