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  • BR23C Bee

    NISSAN developed a biomimetic car robot called BR23C. Nicknamed 'Bee', it uses Laser Range Finder, and decelerates and turns sharply 90 degrees when detects an obstacle.

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  • RoboCar Z

    ZMP's RoboCar Z aids education and research into car robotics. The wheeled robot uses stereo cameras, infrared sensors, and a laser rangefinder to see its environment.

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  • AIDA

    AUDI and MIT have teamed up to create the perfect intelligent driving agent, Robot AIDA. He can respond to a driver's words and mood and make facial expressions. This robot can suggest the quickest routes with the least traffic for safer, faster travel.…

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  • Evolta

    Panasonic and ROBO-GARAGE developed Evolta car which holds the Guiness World Record title “The Longest Distance Covered by A Battery-Operated Remote-Controlled Model Car”.

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  • RCRC Transforming Robot

    Chinese firm AOK Ltd. developed a robot called RCRC Transforming Robot, which looks straight out of the Transformers movie. It can change into a truck, a car and a dancer.

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