About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Chalmers U.

    Founded by William Chalmers, the Chalmers University of Technology aims at becoming the most attractive universities in the world through internationally acclaimed research and education together with a professional innovation procedure.

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  • Elvina

    Elvina is a life-sized humanoid robot. It is fully independent, has a single board PC, and runs on Linux operating system. This robot also has 24 degrees of freedom.

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  • Elvis

    Scale model humanoid robot Elvis stands just 70 centimeters tall. Fully autonomous, it can walk and navigate around. Elvis also has an onboard computer and power supply.

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  • HR 2

    The HR-2 humanoid robot has an artificial neural network and depth of vision. This bipedal robot can read text aloud and has facial and speech recognition.

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  • Priscilla

    Chalmers University developed Priscilla which is a humanoid robot. It has plastic skeleton, titanium reinforcements and linear actuators which enable it to walk like a normal person.

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