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  • Cheetah Robot

    The Cheetah Robot was unveiled at the 2011 IRCA. These hind limbs showed impressive force and speed when they kicked from a crouched position. Hybrid and pneumatic actuators provide the energy for fire positioning. The developers plan to develop upper…

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  • Cheetah

    Cheetah is the world’s fastest legged robot. Developed by Boston Dynamics, the robot can run as fast as 29 mph, a land speed record that no other robot has ever met. Cheetah’s current version runs in the center of a high-speed treadmill in the lab.

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  • Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most notable research universities in the world. You can learn about robotics at the Field and Space Robotics Laboratory, the Personal Robots Group, and the Biomometic Robotics.

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  • Another Robot Bound To Run

    MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory researchers have developed a special computer process for bounding, which enables the Cheetah v. 2 to run faster and untethered

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