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  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

    Founded in 1975, the European Committee for Standardization, also known as CEN, serves as a global non-profit association. Aimed at eliminating trade barriers for consumers and industries in Europe, CEN plays an important role as a business facilitator.

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  • Solar Pool Technologies, Inc (SPT)

    Solar Pool Technologies, Inc (SPT) is committed to bringing eco-friendly and solar powered pool maintenance and cleaning solutions to consumers. The company aims at introducing the products that will create the possibility of removing swimming pools from…

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  • P-Noir

    P-Noir is an interactive dance robot made to entertain consumers. This female humanoid robot has a built-in music box which plays “La Chanson De L’adieu.” She can also display emotions. P-Noir uses sensors to detect a person’s movements for dancing.

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  • Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot

    The Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot was created to entertain consumers. It is a humanoid robot with two wheels. Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot can read music. Its LogiTech QuickCam Sphere webcam gives it 98% accuracy for note recognition. It also plays drums…

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  • ABB Robotics

    ABB Robotics, founded in 1883, is a world leader in industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems, and autonomous technology. The technologies that have been developed by ABB in their more than a century of operations have transformed entire industries,…

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  • Endinet

    Endinet is part of the Alliander business group. The company constructs and maintains a reliable infrastructure for energy.

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  • Locus Robotics

    Leveraging years of direct warehouse operations experience and deep firsthand knowledge of warehouse robotics, Locus Robotics Corporation has engineered a new approach to mission critical fulfillment

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  • 914 PC Bot

    914 PC Bot was developed by White Box Robotics in Canada. One of the greatest inventions in the world of mobile computing, this adorable robot can be installed with third party applications for further development. It can also act as both a host and a…

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  • Birillo

    Marc Reynaud, has developed an entertainment robot that he named Birillo. This wheeled robot can function as both a security and an entertainment robot. Consumers should expect a lot of features as development is still being done. This is one of the many…

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  • Libero

    Libero was created by Sejong robotics to be an edutainment robot. This robot can serve as a vacuum cleaner, getting dirt off the floors with its brush and suction. Libero also provides educational lessons. Its content can be updated online so that the…

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  • PorterBot

    PorterBot takes a load off of transporting luggage at airports and hotels. It carries up to 44 pounds and follows you with a built-in navigation system while avoiding objects.

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  • Q.bo

    Developed by the Spanish company TheCorpora, the Q.bo is a robot platform for the development as well as progress of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It consists of a chassis, high quality mechanical parts and plastic covers. The Q.bo only contains…

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  • Remo

    Robotsfx created the bipedal robot Remo as a robot kit. It is designed to be an easy-to-assemble humanoid robot. Remo is also easy to program and can control its own center of gravity. It has 2 cameras and pressure-sensitive foot sensors for easy walking.

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  • Solar-Breeze

    Solar-Breeze is a robotic pool skimmer that uses solar energy to effectively clean the pool. This smart robotic swimming pool skimmer will help pool owners save energy, money and time while cleaning their pools.

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