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  • Controllab Products

    Controllab Products specializes in control engineering. It caters to Mechatronics, Drives & Automation and Maritime & Offshore, and has developed Hardware in the Loop testing for maritime and offshore market.

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  • Hirosaki U.

    Hirosaki University in Japan offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to study robotics. Their School of Science and Technology has a course on Intelligent Machines and System Engineering. This course teaches Vision-based Robot control and micromachine…

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  • Kitagawa-Tsukagoshi Lab.

    The Kitagawa-Tsukagoshi Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology focuses on the development of robots that can be utilized in dangerous environments for search and rescue missions. One of their current projects is a robot that can use a sensor that is…

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  • Tsinghua U.

    Tsinghua University offers various research facilities which focus on robot technology. Among their projects is the walking robot, developed by the university’s Robot Walking Group, which is a contender of the prestigious RoboCup competition.

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