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  • Controllab Products

    Controllab Products specializes in control engineering. It caters to Mechatronics, Drives & Automation and Maritime & Offshore, and has developed Hardware in the Loop testing for maritime and offshore market.

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  • BioROBO

    BioROBO is a bipedal humanoid designed for competitions and education. It can perform simple movements such as walking and dancing. BioROBO's exterior was designed to make it friendly and appealing to humans with electric blue coloring and LED eyes. It…

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  • Eliza

    Robot guide Eliza is a humanoid robot used to entertain people. It has been used in many Wal-Mart stores and shopping malls. Besides dancing for shoppers, Eliza has speech recognition and can have simple Chinese conversations. It is fully controllable…

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  • Rovio

    The Rovio telepresence robot allows you to interact with friends as it wanders around. It has a Wi-Fi enabled webcam for easy, fun communication and is fully controllable.

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  • Artificial Muscle Research Inst.

    The AMRI of the University of Mexico is home to a remarkable research lab that focuses on artificial muscles and ionic polymer gels. Lab Director Mohsen Shainpoor co-created patented soft actuators and artificial muscles. He also created an artificial…

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  • TeamDARE

    TeamDARE is a Dutch team of dedicated engineering experts who are committed to building robots. The Dutch team aims at designing and developing robotic solutions, with its focus on simplicity and affordability.

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  • Cavalier

    Emanon created the Cavalier, a bipedal fighting robot. It took part in the 2009 NagaRanger Fighting Festa. Along with 27 other battle robots, Cavalier engaged in several fights. It defeated Cromkid in the final bout with a technical knockout.

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  • Denise

    Denise is a pneumatically powered walking robot. It uses the concept of passive dynamic walking and is a natural looking biped robot. Denise has bending, extending knees.

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  • IHMC Biped

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, created the IHMC Biped robot, a lower body humanoid robot. It can recover from a slight push and can balance itself on one leg.

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  • NEXI

    MIT Media Lab of the MIT developed a mobile personal robot called NEXI. It moves on self-balancing wheels, has flexible hands, and can interact with humans and help them in homes.

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  • Olivia

    Olivia is an interactive robot designed to study social robotics. It can imitate human movements and has speech capabilities to help it with intuitive learning and human interaction. Olivia is equipped with a Bumblebee 2 DVN1501 mono camera and a “brain”…

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  • Robovie

    Robovie-M is a humanoid robot created by Team Osaka. It can play soccer and has programmable moves. Robovie-M is a build-it-yourself robot with an optional remote control.

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  • Spykee Cell

    Users build Meccano's Spykee Cell themselves, then use their cell phones to control it via Bluetooth. The robot can transmit pictures of what it sees and program an iPod.

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