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  • ATOM 7xp

    The Atom 7xp is the first humanoid robot created in the USA. This full-sized robot is part of Futurebots labs vision to support a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

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  • e-nuvo

    The two-wheeled robot E-NUVO Superwheel is a vehicle robot kit. This sturdy autonomous robot can make turns while staying in place, staying upright thanks to it sensors.

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  • iComar

    Samsung Korea has created an "edutainment" robot, the iComar. This small robot can function as a home security robot, sounding an alarm and texting its owner if it detects unusual activity. It also has Internet connectivity, allowing two-way live video…

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    Asurada created the humanoid fighting robot called LAYERED-X. It can transform itself into various shapes and had a spectacular performance during the Robo-One Competition in 2006.

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  • Morph 3

    Conventionally but solidly built, Morph 3 has a duralumin frame and can brace itself for falls. An advanced CPU, 30 servos, and 138 sensors make it highly athletic.

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    PALRO was developed by Fuji Soft Inc. as a research and hobbyist robot. This humanoid can picture its surroundings and is able to avoid obstacles. Multiple robots can transfer applications and files to one another. PALRO's equipment includes a camera,…

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  • PaPeRo-mini

    The Papero Mini robot is only 9.84 inches tall. It has a wide-angle camera which gives it a 180-degree view. This tiny robot has a ARM 9192 CPU and DSP processor, which makes it more advanced than Papero. It also has speech recognition and synthesis.

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  • QB

    The QB robot can fill in for you as your avatar at social gatherings. This telepresence robot roams around and interacts with people. It runs for 6 hours and can charge itself when it senses the battery is low. Captured video is delivered to a Mac-based…

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  • Receptionist Robot

    The Institute for Systems and Robotics developed a robot which they deployed at their office reception. Called Receptionist Robot, it guides approaching visitors to their destinations.

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  • REEM

    Built by PAL Robotics, REEM-B is a humanoid service robot that is designed to help humans with daily tasks. REEM-B is capable of speech interaction, face recognition, biped walking and traversing stairs.

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  • Robovie

    Robovie-M is a humanoid robot created by Team Osaka. It can play soccer and has programmable moves. Robovie-M is a build-it-yourself robot with an optional remote control.

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  • Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot

    The Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot was created to entertain consumers. It is a humanoid robot with two wheels. Taiwan Tech 2-Wheeled Robot can read music. Its LogiTech QuickCam Sphere webcam gives it 98% accuracy for note recognition. It also plays drums…

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