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  • FlatThru

    Sanyo developed a wheel-driven delivery robot called FlatThru. It can carry liquids, has ultramodern sensors for stability, and is able to recognize human faces and voices.

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  • Delivery Robot

    Delivery Robot was developed by Panasonic as a healthcare robot. It can navigate through hospitals dispersing medication as needed. Only 1 out of 50,000 ampules were broken by this amazing robot during tests. Delivery Robot has integrated sensors that…

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  • Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot

    The Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot can deliver necessary documents and hefty materials on time with 99% efficiency. It is also equipped with a high-resolution touch screen that enables advanced communication on the office floor. Its navigation is accurate…

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    Resembling a mobile cabinet, Panasonic’s HOSPI robot uses ultrasonic sensors to navigate through hospitals and deliver medicines with an industry-low breakage rate.

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