About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Inst. of Mathematical Machines (IMM)

    Working in the field of computer science since 1957, the Institute of Mathematical Machines (IMM) is a research and development institution that aims at developing, applying, as well as disseminating innovative ICT technologies.

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  • Ohio U.

    Ohio University is the ninth oldest university in the US, and is the first university that was established in the state of Ohio and the entire Northwest Territory. The university aims at developing its students intellectually and personally.

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  • U. of Kaiserslautern

    With approximately 14,200 students, the University of Kaiserslautern is the only engineering and technical university in Rhineland-Palatinate. Founded in 1970, the university offers excellent learning atmosphere and engaging student life.

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    BARTHOC is a robot that learns through communicating with humans. Its functions are not preprogrammed; it picks up and executes instructions through robot-human interaction.

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