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  • AIBO

    AIBO ERS-210 is Sony's second generation canine robot. This version offers more customization through five software packages. AIBO ERS-210 has software that allows you to help it "grow" from a puppy to an adult. A temperature sensor has also been added.

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  • Dr. R.E. Cycler

    In 2011, Florida Robotics launched an eco-friendly robot, Dr. R.E. Cycler in 2011. This robot gets its energy from its own solar panel. It teaches children the rules of waste management. The robot also crushes aluminum cans of soda and other beverages,…

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  • Newton

    Synpet developed an intelligent humanoid called Newton which can help people in schools, homes and offices. It can walk, talk, play games, handle calls, teach and play music.

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  • Q.taro

    Q. Taro is an entertainment robot made by SONY. It has glowing lights that change color depending on the robot's mood. SONY nicknamed it “healing creature” because it was designed to improve the relationship between humans and robots.

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  • Sico

    Robert Doornick of the International Robotics Inc. developed a wheeled robot called SICO. It speaks seven languages, performs stand-up comedy and is remotely controlled.

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