About robots, robot development
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  • Repliee

    Osaka University and Kokoro Incorporated developed the Repliee Q1 which is a female android. It reacts to touches, flickers eyelids, appears to breathe and moves like a real human.

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  • Aiko

    Female bot Aiko may be the future of helping disabled and elderly people with household tasks. The robot has AI software and speaks English and Japanese and has object and face recognition. It was made to be the first android that can react to physical…

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  • Ari 1

    KITECH and Solubot developed a female robot called Ari 1. It can recognize face using camera and face detection software. It can interact with humans using pre-recorded voices.

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  • Geminoid

    Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. developed Geminoid-F which looks like a young human female. It copies the speech and facial expression of its human operator.

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