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  • April

    Samsung electronics developed a female robot called April. Although it is unable to stand or walk, it can move its head and hands, and make fluid-like motion with musical beats.

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  • Ari 1

    KITECH and Solubot developed a female robot called Ari 1. It can recognize face using camera and face detection software. It can interact with humans using pre-recorded voices.

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  • FT (Female Type)

    Tomotaka Takahashi developed a female robot called FT or the 'Female Type'. This biped humanoid has the lean body of a woman, and uses the SHIN walk technology for smooth walking.

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  • Osaka U.

    Osaka University in Japan is the country’s 6th oldest university. The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology has made quite a name for Osaka University with its robotics research. Along other projects, a team there created a robotic hand…

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  • Ahra

    Ahra was created as a counterpart to humanoid robot Mahru. She has facial and object recognition and can walk and turn when confronted by obstacles. Ahra can follow simple instruction given by the user. The robot's scent changes depending on its mood.

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  • Aiko

    Female bot Aiko may be the future of helping disabled and elderly people with household tasks. The robot has AI software and speaks English and Japanese and has object and face recognition. It was made to be the first android that can react to physical…

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  • Ami

    Ami was developed by KAIST to be a service robot in the home. It can help you with household chores such as sweeping. It has sensors that help it avoid objects. Ami, which means "friend" in French, can also converse with 50 sentences and display anger,…

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  • Femisapien

    WowWee has invented a female humanoid robot called Femisapien. This fembot is capable of taking lessons from you and has three interactive modes to choose from. It can walk and talk with you and has an amazing 56 functions, plus another 59 hidden ones.

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  • KommuniKate

    Paul Kocyla created an artificial intelligence robot called KommuniKate. This robot can answer queries and questions from humans and also shows them relevant contextual information.

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  • Rhonietta

    Niederrhein University and H&S Robots developed the female version of Rhoni called the Rhonietta. It is a more advanced humanoid with artificial eyelashes and embracing arms.

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  • Thomas and Janet

    The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology developed two humanoids called Thomas and Janet. They have silicon facial muscles and can kiss each other realistically.

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