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  • Lacquey

    Lacquey is involved in developing robot grasper solutions for the food and non-food sector. Using underactuation technology, it created different grippers for different products.

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  • Robomotive

    Robomotive is a Dutch company that delivers turnkey automation systems. The company aims at using the latest technological tools such as humanoid robotics, adaptive grippers and 3D vision to automate places that have commercial and/or technical limitations.

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  • Robotiq

    Robotiq’s mission is to free human hands from tedious tasks so companies and workers can focus where they truly create value.Our grippers and sensors enhance robot application flexibility&

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  • Joy

    House steward robot Joy acts as the human/machine interface inside intelligent homes. It has a planning algorithm system so it can complete tasks with minimal human input needed. Joy also can grasp objects with grippers on its arms and bring them to its…

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  • Robone

    China’s Cantata International Ltd. developed a humanoid called Robone. It has two modes for easy and sophisticated operations. It contains grippers in its arms and can work very fast.

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  • Shady Climbing Robot

    MIT CSAIL developed Shady the climbing robot to avoid the sunlight in their office. Though not fully autonomous, it has grippers to cling with windows and unfurl its sunshade.

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    Karlsruhe University developed a humanoid called ARMAR which learns based on exploration, observation and action. The goal is to develop reasoning for all things robots perceive.

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  • Black Blade

    Yoshihiro Shibata created Black Blade off his past robotic fighting achievement, Black Seed. He improved the design but left many of Black Seed's key characteristics, which resulted in smoother operation, an improved torque, and wider rotational range…

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  • Robosapien

    The Robosapien by WowWee provides hours of entertainment. It can dance, perform kung-fu moves, and has customizable movements. Robosapien is the original biomorphic robot.

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  • Robovie

    Robovie Nano is an entertainment robot created by Vstone. This small robot can walk, do cartwheels and side flips, and is fully customizable with RobovieMaker2 software

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