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  • JingJing

    Jing-Jing is a martial arts robot developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology. Jing-Jing has 28 DOF and was built with sensors, encoder wheels and a harmonic reducer.

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  • Rozum Robotics

    Rozum Robotics company is centered at manufacturing own collaborative robot PULSE. Aim of the company - make automation affordable for all SME and bring robotics into everyday life of all the people.&

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  • BabyBot-R

    The Babybot-R is KISTs newest version of their Babybot robot. This model has many improvements, including voice recognition and speaking modules that allow it to recognize and respond to 35 different voice commands.

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  • H

    The H6 has many features to help it function in real human environments. This robot has a 3D camera and wireless Ethernet interface, so it can operate without external cables.

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  • HanSaRam

    KAIST developed the sixth robot in the HanSaRam series called HanSaRam VI. It generates walking pace through 3D linear inverted pendulum mode, which makes easy to control motions.

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  • HyQ Robot

    HyQ is a torque-controlled Hydraulic Actuated Quadruped robot developed by the Italian Institute of Technology. It can navigate difficult and rough terrains, and can also run and jump.

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  • JKU Bipedal Robot

    SCHUNK, SPACE and Johannes Kepler University combined their skills to create the JKU Bipedal Robot. It has 6 human-like DOF and force-torque sensors to create stability. A stereo-camera located in its head allows it to view its surroundings.

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  • Kiyomori

    The Kiyomori is an excellent representation of the advancement of robotics. The robot was created in 2005 by tmsuk as an exhibition at the Niigata Hall of Natural Sciences. It has 39 joints that allow it to walk like a human. This bipedal robot has a…

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  • M1 Mobile Manipulator

    The M1 Mobile Manipulator is a customizable mobile manipulation platform. This humanoid robot, created by Meka Robotics, can lift up to a 1.5 kg payload. It is equipped with compliant force control and has bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It has a Kinect…

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  • Shimon

    Dr. Gil Weinberg developed a robot which plays drums, creates its own musical style, and performs live on stage with human players and with musicians across the globe.

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  • Wabian 2

    The Wabian-2 robot was developed to help in the design of exercise rehabilitation equipment. It can do exercises with humans and test the rehab equipment before it is used by a person. The Wabian-2 is controlled by a computer attached to its back. Scientists…

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  • WF

    Waseda University's WF-4R is a major improvement over the WF-3RIX. This anthropomorphic flutist robot now has 38 degrees of freedom. The range of motion increased in the neck and arms and the vibrato mechanism is smaller. The fingers are link mechanisms…

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