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    Cognitive Interaction Technology developed a hexapod walking robot called HECTOR. This insect robot has algorithm controlled elastic joint drives that imitate muscle movements.

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  • iitsii

    Developed by the Robugtix Company, iitsii serves as an interactive platform to play with robotics. This hexapod robot kit is user-friendly, affordable and provides an interesting platform to get an idea of the world of robotics.

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  • BIOLOID Premium

    The versatile Bioloid Premium robot is an educational robot. It comes in a robot kit with parts and instructions. A biped humanoid robot, it can walk and has a remote control.

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  • RHex

    Kodlab developed a six legged robot called RHex. It was used as a research platform to study biologically inspired locomotion, style manipulation and sensor based navigation.

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  • SILO

    SILO6 is a six-legged robot that can search for and detect land mines. It was created to be a research platform for robotic research and improving the speed of walking robots. The mine locator subsystem is composed of a magnetic compass and GPS and Wi-Fi…

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