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  • Chapit

    The Japanese company RayTron developed a household robot called Chapit. It can understand and respond to verbal commands, and can make facial expressions and gestures.

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  • Family Nanny Robot

    Shenyan Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd. developed a household robot called Family Nanny Robot. It can detect fire and gas, can call owner, and can interact with humans.

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  • Machine Intelligence Lab.

    The University of Florida’s MIL is home to the SubjuGator, an underwater unmanned vehicle and three-time AUVSI/ONR underwater contest champion. The lab’s primary focus is on such robotics issues as real-time computer vision, robotics kinematics and autonomous…

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  • ApriAlpha

    Toshiba developed the ApriAlpha as a life support partner for humans. It has CCD camera with face recognition, and has speech recognition, speech synthesizer and speech localization features.

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  • Butler Robot

    The Butler Robot is a Chinese prototype from 2010. Designed as a kitchen/household helper, it remembers appliance locations and carries small items with claw-like hands.

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  • POMI

    ETRI's POMI robotic animal simulates emotion and makes facial expressions. This friendly, penguin-like robot can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

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