About robots, robot development
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  • NASA

    NASA was initially established for space science research and has always maintained a peaceful, civilian orientation rather than military. Accomplishments include the launch of the reusable space shuttle and collaborating with other nations to establish…

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  • Technical U. Munich

    Germany’s Technical University Munich is one of the country’s top research universities and a member of the TU9 technology society. The school’s Robotics and Embedded Systems conducts ongoing research on the education of machines used for perception,…

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  • Another Robot Bound To Run

    MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory researchers have developed a special computer process for bounding, which enables the Cheetah v. 2 to run faster and untethered

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  • Hom-Bot

    The Hom-Bot is a home robot developed by LG Robots. This vacuum cleaning robot is also a video spy. It can link itself to an Android or iPhone application, allowing a clear stream of real-time video feed from the robot. Hom-Bot also has auxiliary brushes…

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  • HomeRun

    The HomeRun is a vacuum cleaner robot developed by Philips. the vacuum guarantees a clean, super-shiny floor with two auxiliary brushes, one principal roller brush, and a dust suction. The HomeRun can also be customized, allowing a 24 hour delayed start…

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